Where to study Astronomy Courses in South Africa:

Astronomers are scientists who study the origins, evolution, physical and chemical nature of objects beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Astronomers work to increase our under-standing of how the universe began, how it has evolved and how it will evolve. They study how interstellar dust, gas clouds, planets, stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies came to exist and how they behave. A professional astronomer will typically have a doctorate (PhD) in astronomy, astrophysics or physics (ASSA).

Astronomy Courses in South Africa are offered by the following institutions:

1. Study BSc Astronomy at Wits

Astronomy and AstrophysicsStudy astronomical data and understand how the universe works. Apply here

2. Study Astronomy at University of Cape Town

The Astronomy Department at UCT specialises in high speed photometry and spectroscopy of variable stars, in long period variable stars and Galactic Structure, neutral  hydrogen and dark matter in nearby galaxies, star formation and galaxy evolution, and in large-scale structures of the Universe and the Zone of Avoidance. The most recent expansion includes cosmic magnetism and Big Data. More info

3. Astronomy at University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg (through the Department of Physics) has been ranked among the Top 500 globally for the Physics & Astronomy subject in the 2019 QS World University Rankings by Subject. This marks the first time that the University has been ranked for this particular subject. The University is positioned within the 451-500 bracket globally and fourth nationally, for the Physics & Astronomy subject. More

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Where to study Astronomy Courses in South Africa

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