Top 10 Unisa Information Technology Short Courses for 2020

Unisa’s Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) focus on “just in time” and “just enough” learning to meet a specific learning need identified by individuals, organisations or society at large. SLPs are offered by centres located within the different academic departments of Colleges. Programme content and contact details are contained in each programme.

List of 2020 Information Technology Short Courses at Unisa

  •  Short Course in Database Implementation
  • Introduction to Internet and Web Design
  • Developing Web Applications with PHP
  • Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming
  • Applied Project Management in an Information Technology Environment
  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Applied Information Security
  • Advanced Information Security
  • Strategic Information Systems Planning in Practice
  • Introduction to Visual C Sharp.NET Programming

How to apply

  • 01 December 2019 – 15 February 2020 (Semester courses)
  • 01 December 2019 – 10 March 2020 (Year courses)

You can apply online only for selected Short Learning Programmes, click here to download the list.

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