Promotional Video Design

5 Top Reasons why you need a corporate/promotional videos for your company in South Africa

1. Promotional Video is a  powerful way of starting conversations

It can be difficult starting conversations, especially if your business is still new, and most people do not know about it. However, that shouldn’t be the case if you make a promotional video.

2. A perfect way of building trust with clients

It is not going to be easy persuading readers by using plain marketing text.  Having indicated that videos help drive conversions, it is even easier to build trust and long lasting relationships with clients by telling them a brand story point-blank in a 60 seconds video clip.

3. High retention value

The internet is a crowded place, and winning the attention of everyone is a real hassle. However, with videos, marketing your business, products or services does not end with communicating visually.

4. A smart way to win the attention of lazy buyers

People hardly have time to go through long promotional posts, and the story gets worse when marketing to lazy buyers. Also, taking into account that modern buyers always want to see things, promotional videos become the smartest way of winning over this category of customers.

5. Tap into the time of mobile users

Today, millions of people spend hours on YouTube watching videos, and with this, you can imagine how it would turn your marketing around if they spent a minute or less on your marketing content. Recent studies show that about 90% of consumers watch videos on mobile phones before making a purchase decision, and with YouTube views increasing by 100% every year, there is no doubt that your audience is going to grow in numbers if you choose this route. It is a revolution that has taken a toll on TV viewers.