Mdibi Logistics & Projects Corporate Video Design

Mdibi Logistics & Projects Corporate Video Design

At Mansa Digital, we had the honor of creating a corporate video for Mdibi Logistics and Projects, offering a full spectrum of services tailored specifically to their story. Our collaboration included scriptwriting, voice-over recording, proofreading, video footage, and graphics design. This endeavor resulted in a product that surpassed our client’s expectations, effectively conveying their brand’s message with both clarity and creativity. The positive feedback from Mdibi Logistics and Projects was incredibly rewarding, and we are keenly looking forward to future collaborations, continuing to build a relationship defined by shared success and innovation.

Mdibi Logistics and Projects Corporate Video


Services Rendered



Our team crafted a compelling narrative tailored to Mdibi Logistics and Projects, ensuring the script aligned with their brand identity and message. This involved understanding their business, goals, and audience to create a storyline that resonates and engages.

Voice-over Recording

We provided professional voice-over services to bring the script to life, selecting a voice that matches the tone and personality of the Mdibi brand. High-quality recording equipment was used to ensure clarity and impact.


To guarantee the accuracy and professionalism of the content, our proofreading service meticulously reviewed the script and any textual elements in the video. This step ensured error-free and polished communication.

Video Footage

Our team captured high-quality video footage that visually represents Mdibi Logistics and Projects. This included shooting at relevant locations, using drones for aerial shots, and incorporating dynamic scenes to visually engage the audience.

Graphics Design

Custom graphics were designed to complement the video content, enhancing the visual appeal and effectively communicating key messages. This included motion graphics, animated logos, and other visual elements that align with the Mdibi brand identity.

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