Polyurethane Screen Panels Suppliers and Manufacturers in South Africa:

Are you looking for Polyurethane Screen Panels (rubber/vibrating) for Mineral Processing in the mine? South Africa has a number of trusted suppliers of Polyurethane Screen Panels.

The following are the mineral processing screens that you can find from South African Suppliers:

  • Polyurethane Screens
  • Rubber Screens 
  • Wedge Wire Screens 
  • Polywedge Screen Panels 
  • Polypunch Screen Panels 
  • Screen Panel Fastening Systems and Accessories
  • TeePee™ Screen Panels 
  • Multodeck Modular Screening Systems
  • Vibroplast Screen Panels
  • Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels
  • Rubber Trommel Panels
  • Optima Wedge Wire Flat Drainage Panels
  • Optima Wedge Wire CIP/CIL Screens

Some facts about mineral processing screens:

  • Mineral Screen panel include crimped mesh screen panel, perforated mesh screen panel, welded mesh screen panel and polyurethane screen panel.
  • The polyurethane Screen panel is a new product for mine
  • The Polyurethane Screen is more efficiency, long working time, anti-abrasive and lower noise. Now it is widely used in mine industry as well as used for coal/rock/sand rinsing and dewatering area.

List of Polyurethane Screen Panels Suppliers and Manufacturers in South Africa

Screenex Manufacturing

Screenex pioneered the development of the modular polyurethane screen panels as we know it today. Our original design is now used globally. We offer the widest range of aperture sizes and designs and can supply solutions to any screening application in the industry…Visit the website


The MasQ range of polyurethane screen panel systems is extremely durable and cost-effective. Featuring new corrosion engineering technology, our injection-moulded panels offer noise absorption and wear-cycles that either match or exceed those of conventional woven wire or perforated steel plate panels…visit the website

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