Is Umhlonyane or Lengana (Umuthi) Cure for Corona? There a re many talks around the issues of using Umhlonyane as a cure (Umuthi) for many illnesses including Corona Virus.

Well you decide for yourself after exploring different views below:

Watch: South Africans who use Umhlonyane as a herbal remedy detail their experiences about the plant

Traditional Healers and Covid-19

While the country battles the spread of Covid-19, traditional healers lamented they and their patients had been left out of national plans to help fight the pandemic. These sentiments were triggered by the debate that erupted after Madagascar claimed its Artemisia (uMhlonyane) based herbal tonic cures Covid-19, IOL

Health Cautions for Umhlonyane

Health and traditional medicine experts have cautioned against the use of the herbal plant Artemisia afra – commonly known as African wormwood or umhlonyane (Nguni) and lengana (Sotho) – without proper consultation. The plant which had been used in many SA households for years to treat symptoms related to colds and flu, among other ailments, has become a big topic of debate following claims made by Madagascar’s president Andry Rajoelina.

Health Benefits for Umhlonyane

The list of health benefits for Umhlonyane (Lengana) plant covers a wide range of ailments from

  • coughs,
  • colds,
  • fever,
  • loss of appetite,
  • colic,
  • headache,
  • earache,
  • intestinal worms
  • malaria. 
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