HR Conferences and Summits to attend in 2020 in South Africa

Are you an HR professional and want to upscale your knowledge and get inspired by HR industry leaders?  There are many HR Conferences, Workshops, Summits, and morelined uo for the year 2020. We will keep updating this page as more information starts to unfold.

HR Conferences and Summits to attend in 2020 in South Africa
HR Conferences and Summits to attend in 2020 in South Africa

The Future of HR

  1. The HR Indaba

Date: 14 -15 October 2020

Venue: South Africa, Sandton Convention Centre

About the conference:

The HR Indaba gives you a unique opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the latest HR technology, HR strategy, company culture, labour laws, recruitment, employee engagement and HR leadership. The HR Indaba brings together thousands of colleagues, suppliers, platforms, universities, specialists, recruitment agencies, CHROs and thought leaders. We welcome you to join us for two days of learning and networking.

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2. The Future of HR Summit

Date: 10 – 11 June 2020

The Future of HR Summit has quickly built up credibility as southern Africa’s premier platform for articulating the fundamentals of human capital management at all levels, while unpacking the latest implications of digital disruption on the industry. It scrutinises the changing job descriptions of HR professionals and showcases the industry’s ongoing, innovation-led evolution. But what makes it unique?

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3. HRworks Conference

Date: 9 September 2020


The most valued HR Conference & Expo in South Africa bringing you Global Best Practices, Strategies and Trends in Human Resources in South Africa!

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