Get Uncapped Unshaped Wireless Internet in South Africa

Get Uncapped Unshaped Wireless Internet in South Africa.

List of Uncapped and Unshaped Wireless Internet Service Providers in South Africa


  1. SpaceNet


SpaceNet provides fixed Wireless LTE-A Internet Access to the South African home and small business markets.  We offer our clients FixedWireless Internet LTE services nationally.


  •  No installation is required
  •  No contracts
  •  It’s portable, so take your Router on holiday with you and keep on surfing
  •  Receive a FREE month for every friend you refer to SpaceNet and joins SpaceNet
  •  Unused data at the end of a month carries over to the next month
  •  You get access to the Client Zone to monitor your usage


2. Wifibre


For normal home use, we offer competitive pricing and value for money with our home offerings. Surfing and downloads, this is the perfect match. Fair usage of 200GB on each package.





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