Digital Video Invitation (Paperless Evites Card) Design in South Africa and International

Get the Best Digital Video Invitation (Paperless Evites Card) Design in South Africa and International: At Mansa Digital, we create and design Video Invitations in South Africa and International. Invitations can be sent via WhatApp to your guests. We create Different kinds of video (Electronic) invites such as: Birthday Party Invitations for kids and adults; Traditional, Umembeso, Umemulo video invites, Tombstone unveiling video invites. So if you wondering how to make wedding invitation video for WhatsApp, you are at the right place.

Example 1: R1200

Example 2: R1200

Example 2: R1200

How it works

Have a look at the process and what is needed to create you stunning Video Invite.

Content for the Event

Send Images for the invite: You can send up to 5x images for the invite. Optionally, you can also send video clips to be used on the invite designs. Images need to be of good quality in order to achieve crispy graphics.

Invite Text Content: You need to send the Invitation Wording (text) such as: Date, Time, Venue, Quotes, Rsvp info, Gift Registries, Theme colour, etc.

Invite Background song: Please send the name of your favourite background song to be played on the invite. You don’t necessarily have to send the song file.

How long does an Invite take to design

All video invites take from 2-3 working days.

How do you make Payment

You make a payment of R1200 to the following banking details:
Business Account Name: MROL Holdings, Bank: FNB, Type: Cheque, Account Number: 62722491040, Branch code: 250655, Ref: “Your name”, Amount R1500.

After making a payment you either send proof of payment via WhatsApp to +2774 044 1853 or email it to

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