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Tell Your Story in a Charming manner with a Save The Date Video

Hello,,,,,paperless online wedding invitations are the in thing.  We create the best online invitations which you can send via WhatsApp to your guests.

Best Electronic Wedding Invitations

Send digital invites via WhatsApp, Email, Facebook

If you were wondering how to make WhatsApp invitation card, we have a solution for you. Mansa Digital is the home of the best online wedding invitation video makers


Digital Videos Invites Examples
(All Video invites cost R850)

Example 1 (Price R850)

Example 3 (Price R850)

Example 5 (Price R850)

Example 7 (Price R850)

Example 2 (Price R850)

Example 4 (Price R850)

Example 6 (Price R850)

Example 8 (Price R850)

Baby Shower Digital Invitation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the digital invitation take to design?

All invite designs take three working days to complete

Will i get the chance to further update the invite?

Yes, you will get one more chance to update the information on the invite after the initial design

Can i come up with my own unique example of an invite?

Yes, we can design almost anything apparently.


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