Unique Animated Video Baby Shower Invitations | Boys and Girls | South Africa. Baby shower Video Maker app

We create super cool Baby Shower invitations for boys and girls themes. We implement your baby shower invitation ideas into reality.

The Invitations take 2 working days to complete.

We need the following to create you a digital video invite for a baby shower:

  • 5 X images
  • invite wording and quotes
  • theme colour
  • background song

Unique Animated Video Baby Shower Invitation Sample 1

Unique Animated Video Baby Shower Invitation Sample 2

How to send a video baby shower invitations via WhatsApp?

Get the baby shower invite designed as a video

Make sure that the video is resized by the designer before you send it to your guests

Upload or Share a video via WhatsApp to the group of people on your WhatsApp contacts

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