Can I get free business email without a domain in South Africa? There are a number of free emails that you can get out there. However, if you want an email that uses your company names (eg,, you need to pay for it (See our emails options).

Don’t use Free Emails for Professional Business!

Instead, register your own emails, branded according to your business name.

Advantages of using a branded email address for business

#1 Build Trust with Clients

Having a professional e-mail address like or not only sounds more professional but also adds more credibility to your business. It shows that you are in business to stay.

#2 Build Authority

Thanks to popular free email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN anyone with an internet connection can create a free email account in South Africa. As such, it has also opened the gateway for scammers, email phishing, hackers and other cybercriminals to clone business email address and dupe customers out of sensitive information like financial data.

#3 Build your Business Brand

Creating a business email through your business email hosting extends your branding into your communication. You would have obviously started with choosing a brand focused name for your business that speaks to who you are as a business. That name usually extends to the domain name of the same or similar to keep your business name at eye level. Once you have a domain name then all of your emails will showcase your brand.

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Thanks for super fast and reliable email services you provided us with.


Red Carpet Event: Manager

Thanks for successfully hosting our 10 emails for our two companies. Your emails are the best. We like working with you.

Jack Mamabolo

Mathabe Mining Supplies: Founder

Thank you for the emails and professional service.

Cliffe Alexander

Cliffe Alexander Attorneys

Great email hosting services. One of the best.

Vincent Masia