Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business in South Africa 2020

Companies charge different amounts for their website design services depending on the amount of work and effort needed for a web design project. However, others simply overcharge depending on which client they are dealing with. Website cost should solely depend on the project scope. Check our website and logo packages from R1600

How Much Does a Website Design Cost in South Africa
How Much Does a Website Design Cost in South Africa

List of the services you will pay for in order to have your website up and running:

1. Branding (logo design, and corporate identity / branding colours)

The price you can expect to pay for logo and corporate identity (colours, theme, and signatures) depend on the complexity and the number of items you want. Other clients may want a whole package which includes: logo design, profile design, business cards design, email signatures design, corporate video design, etc). Charging for individual items is a bit complicated as most of these services are done as a single project. However some other clients may only want a log.

Typically a price for a logo design in South Africa can range from R400 – 1500. Check our website and logo packages from R1600

2. Domain name registration

Domain name registration is an easy step. Most important part of the domain registration is to ensure that your company name reflects on your domain name. You cant edit a domain name once it has been registered. If your company is Sizwe Constructions Group, your domain name can be www.sizweconstructions.co.za, or www.sizwe.co.za, or www.scg.co.za .

The price for registering a domain ranges from R 100 to R400 once-off, depending on the extension of the domain. For example, co.za will differ in pricing as compared to .org, or .com

Check our website and logo packages from R1600

3. Domain name hosting

Domain name hosting is payable on monthly basis, or annual basis. Domain hosting prices depend on the server space you require for your website and your emails. The bigger the company, the bigger the servers, therefore the bigger the price.

The price for domain hosting can range from as little as R50 per month to R2000 per month. 

What are the best hosting Companies in South Africa

Below are some of the best and cost-effective website hosting companies that will host Linux and Windows website platforms.

4. Domain name renewal annual fee in South Africa

Every domain you have ever coma across, needs to be renewed on annual basis.

A simple annual fee of R 120 – R200 is what is required to keep your domain alive for as long as you want. Most importantly: If your domain expires because you didn’t renew it, you will lose your website and emails instantly. 

Check our website and logo packages from R1600

5. Website design

Website design stage is the one which is tricky to determine fixed costs. The designing of the website depends on what functionality do you want on the website, how many pages do you want, do you want to post content yourself on an on-going basis, etc?

How much does a website cost to build

A simple website design can cost you from R1 500, while an average standard website can cost you from R4 000. Remember, most of these costs mostly include your domain registration and domain hosting fees. So, no need to worry about that. Check our website and logo packages from R1600

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How much does it cost to maintain a website in South Africa

Maintaining a website is the most crucial step in growing your online presence. The cost to maintain a website depends on the amount of content to be uploaded on the website and changes needed. Average monthly website maintenance in South Africa based on our clients, is R1500 per month.

Check our website and logo packages from R1600


User-friendly and easy to manage Websites

You wouldn’t want to call a developer to change a background image on your website, would you? Our websites are backed by powerful content management systems to give you more freedom and control over your site. We are experts in WordPress, Drupal, and other popular CMS platforms. You may also want to have a custom CMS designed specially to meet your specific needs.

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