10 Steps of Becoming A Motivational Speaker In South Africa (how to become a motivational speaker in South Africa)

South African market can distinguish between a lousy and a hardcore motivational speaker. Therefore if you consider becoming a motivational speaker who can positively transform people’s minds, you better take note of the fundamental guidelines in this field.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker in South Africa

Below are 10 critical steps to consider for Motivational Speaker in South Africa

1.Be an expert in your field

motivational speaker in south africa

You cant teach people how to manage their finances if you are decimally failing to manage yours. Also you cant tell people how to get rich if you don’t even have R50 000 in your bank account. People can tell if you are trying so hard to be what you are not. Therefore, teach people about what you have mastered in this life. Whether is a relationship; business; life advice; etc, you need to inspire people through your previous experience and tangible trail of evidence of your skills.

2. Enhance your public speaking skills

I say enhance, simply because you already have some public speaking notable skills, hence you landed on this page. If you want to learn how to rock the stage and denounce your stage fright,  check this link.

Marjori shared some tips on sharpening your public speaking skills:

  • Nervousness Is Normal. Practice and Prepare!
  • Know Your Audience. Your Speech Is About Them, Not You.
  • Organize Your Material in the Most Effective Manner to Attain Your Purpose.
  • Some mild humour will definitely do throughout your speech
  • Watch for Feedback and Adapt to It.
  • Be yourself, let Your true Personality Come Through (the world is waiting for it)
  • Grab Attention at the Beginning, and Close with a Dynamic End

3. Build your brand as a Motivational Speaker

What do you want to be known as? Bob the Coach? Decide early in your career so that your efforts are not waisted in changing your name at a later stage. Today’s coaches have plenty of means to create their brands without even relying on third parties (the middle man). Digital platforms such as the ones listed below can definitely carry you from the ground to the stars at the era we live in:

As a start up, motivational speaker, you can definitely get away with free digital tools such as the ones mentioned above. A website can come at a later stage.


4. Have a Portfolio to showcase your work


Apart from building a network, you must capture any motivational speaking session so that you can re-watch and identify areas of improvement. But most importantly, your portfolio can be used to propose for new motivational coaching business opportunity. You can capture your talks via audio recorder, video recorder, and camera. A good Video clip can make a nice Youtube and LinkedIn motivational video, while a well recorded audio clip can be posted on Sound Cloud, and IONO Fm. A good picture of you motivating others can obviously go to Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.




5. Build a Network of possible future business partners

Reach out to other speakers in your field and seek advice. Avail your self other motivational speakers’ events so that you can stretch your network and also have a real life exposure of how other industry leaders are doing it.

6. Create content in the area you want to operate in

Share free advices on various digital platforms to help people with real life solutions. Don’t miss an opportunity to share your solution-oriented opinions on matters that are central to the area of your skills. For example:

  • Check whats trending on Twitter and give a valuable comment or opinion.
  • Write opinion articles to establish your brand and post them on platforms such as

7. Decide if you want to operate as a Freelance, Sole Trader or as a Holding Company

What ever the choice is, you will need to ensure you have proper business communication channels (business emails and work phone). You can register a business with  CIPC and get a trade name (example: Coaching Academy). As opposed to using free emails such as alvin22@gmail.com, you can register a professional email such alvin@coachingacademy.co.za. You can obtain your email from email hosting companies such as Mansa Digital. You must also pay TAX when you start making money as

8. Join an Agency

Join an Agency to further stretch your reach. A good agent will ensure you are getting booked at all times. Getting booked means making money. Some of the recommended agencies are:

9. Read more books.

Have a wider vocabulary,  have a broader understanding of trend that affect your area of operation, and memorise meaningful stats and quotes. You can find all these from reading books. Never stop reading.

10. Be grounded and ethical

You should be a good person to your target market. You should lead by example. You should live the values. Remember, being a a motivational speaker means you are a very public person. So what ever happen in your personal life, most of the people will know before you even want them to know.

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